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README for Perl extension WWW::Curl

The Perl module WWW::Curl provides an interface to the cURL library "libcurl".
See for more information on cURL and libcurl.

This module requires libcurl and the corresponding header files to be
installed. You then may install this module via the usual way
(for installation on Windows please see README.Win32):

    perl Makefile.PL


Installation on Windows need to be done manually, by editing Makefile.PL.

1. Specify your curl include directory on the line "my @include = qw()".
2. Specify the following parameters on the line below, where <DIR> is your curl directory like this:

my ($cflags,$ldflags,$lflags) = ('-I"<DIR>\\include"', '-L"<DIR>\\lib"','-lcurl -lcurldll');

<DIR> can be for example: "E:\\Perldev\\downloader\\curl


These test scripts have been updated by Sebastian Riedel to use modern
features of the Test::Harness suite, such as Test::Simple and Test::More,
which makes them cleaner and more maintainable, but which are unfortunately
not natively supported by older perl versions. They are placed here reference,
and will become the standard test scripts once we drop support for perl5.005.


Revision history for the Perl binding of libcurl, WWW::Curl.
4.12 Sun Jun 04 2010: - Balint Szilaksz


You may opt to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute and/or sell
copies of the Software, and

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