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XML::SAX consists of several framework classes for using and building
Perl SAX2 XML parsers, filters, and drivers. It is designed around the
need to be able to "plug in" different SAX parsers to an application
without requiring programmer intervention. Those of you familiar with
the DBI will be right at home. Some of the designs come from the Java
JAXP specification (SAX part), 


Whoa, Pilgrim!

Make sure that the standalone version of XML::SAX::Base is 
what you want. 

The standalone Base distribution is only useful for cases
where you will be generating event streams from non-XML
data (for example, extracting data from an RDBMS and
translating it into XML).

If you plan to plug XML parsers into this
class to generate SAX events then you certainly want the 
full XML::SAX


Revision history for Perl extension XML::SAX.

0.16  27 Jun 2007  Grant McLean
    - Applied patch for PI handling from RT#19173

0.15  08 Feb 2007  Grant McLean
    - Fixed handling of entities in attribute values
    - Cleaned up some benign warnings

0.14  23 Apr 2006  Matt Sergeant
    - Fixed CDATA section parsing (Uwe Voelker)
    - Fix Makefile.PL for VMS
    - Support calling set_handler()


Revision history for Perl extension XML::SAX::Base.

1.04 Mon Apr 28 23:56:33 2001
        - plugged


XML::SAX is dual licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.

This means at your choice, either th

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Download libxml-sax-perl_0.16+dfsg.orig.tar.gz

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