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LV2 gives programmers the ability to write audio processors (or "plugins") in
C/C++ which can be dynamically loaded into a range of applications (or

This core specification is deliberately as short and simple as possible, but is
designed so that extensions can be defined to add more advanced features.

More information about LV2 can be found at <>.

Using LV2



lv2core (6.0) stable;

  * Switch to the ISC license, a simple BSD-style license (with permission of all
    contributors to lv2.h and its ancestor, ladspa.h).
  * Remove lv2config in favour of the simple convention that specifications install
    headers to standard URI-based paths.
  * Make lv2core.ttl a valid OWL 2 DL ontology.
  * Improve documentation.
  * Add lv2:extensionData and lv2:Extens


LV2 is written and maintained by:

David Robillard <>
Steve Harris <>

with the input and help of many others.

LV2 is based on LADSPA, which was by:
    Paul Barton-Davis
    Richard W.E. Furse
    Stefan Westerfeld

Thanks to all members of the free software community who made LV2 possible.


Copyright 2006-2011 Steve Harris, David Robillard.

Based on LADSPA, Copyright 2000-2002 Richard W.E

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