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A note for Debian users

   First of all, I would like to point out that I really appreciate
   Debian making a MaraDNS package available. This package has
   increased the number of MaraDNS users, and the Debian developers
   have given me feedback that has improved MaraDNS.

   However, because of Debian's policies, their "Stable" version of
   MaraDNS is usually an outdated version of MaraDNS t


Releases of MaraDNS no longer include RPM files.  

Instead, I have a script update the .spec file with every release of 
MaraDNS, and rpm users can build their own .rpm files thusly:

    * Copy the file build/maradns-{version}.spec to the directory 

    * Copy the maradns-{version}.tar.bz2 file to /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES

    * Become root and enter the /usr/src/red


MaraDNS can be compiled as a native Win32 binary which doesn't need the
GPL CygWin library.

A number of security features in MaraDNS had to be removed to make this
program compile without needing CygWin's translation DLL.

This program needs a version of mingw32 to compile.  The version I compiled
MaraDNS.exe on is MinGW-3.1.0-1 with MSys-1.0.9.  To find mingw32:

This pro


These are files which are used in the compiling and installing of MaraDNS
on various systems


This directory contains some files from MaraDNS ported to win32.  These
programs have only been tes


Deadwood is a program that allows one to have a recursive DNS cache on their
Windows system.  



These tests need MaraDNS to be run.  To run these tests, download both
MaraDNS and Deadwood, and exp


This test makes sure that the TCP load balancer (DwTcp) works.

Browse inside maradns_1.4.12.orig.tar.bz2

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Download maradns_1.4.12.orig.tar.bz2

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