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mcelog is the user space backend for logging machine check errors
reported by the hardware to the kernel. The kernel does the immediate
actions (like killing processes etc.) and mcelog decodes the errors
and manages various other advanced error responses like
offlining memory, CPUs or triggering events.

It primarily handles machine checks and thermal events, which
are reported for errors detected


<newer changes first>

Add Linux Kongress 2010 paper
Add Sandy Bridge Support
Write pid file by default in daemon mode
Reopen log files on SIGUSR1 in daemon mode
Default --daemon mode to logging to /var/log/mcelog
Add Core i3/5 and more Westmere support
Add Xeon75xx support
Add Intel architectural mca fallback for new family 6 Intel CPUs
Add --pidfile option to write daemon pid into file.
Enable D


- unified error output for memory errors
- support replacement DIMM table
- decode syndromes on K8? (from EDAC)


diskdb was a experimental attempt to track errors per DIMM
on disk. It ran into problems unfortunat

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