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         M U M B L E

 A voicechat utility for gamers

      #mumble on freenode

Mumble is a voicechat program for gamers written on top of Qt and Speex.

There are two modules in Mumble; the client (mumble) and the server
(murmur). The client works on Win32/64, Linux and Mac OS X, while the
server should work on anything Qt can be installed on.

Note that when we say W


OpenGL Overlay

The OpenGL overlay works by intercepting the call to switch buffers, and just
before the buffer switch we draw our nice GUI.

To load a game with the overlay enabled, start the game as this:
  LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/ gamename

If you have Mumble installed through the binary packages, this can be done by
simply typing:
  mumble-overlay gamename

Global Ke


CELT is a very low delay audio codec designed for high-quality communications.

Traditional full-bandwidth  codecs such as Vorbis and AAC can offer high
quality but they require codec delays of hundreds of milliseconds, which
makes them unsuitable  for real-time interactive applications like tele-
conferencing. Speech targeted codecs, such as Speex or G.722, have lower
20-40ms delays but their spe


Here are a few tips for building on Windows:

1) Create a config.h file that defines out things that


This is a prototype codec and for now it has limited functionality. 

To build from a distribution t


To build this source code, simply type:

% make

If this does not work, or if you want to change the


See INSTALL file for instruction on how to install Speex.

The Speex is a patent-free, Open Source/F


These are all of the changes and additions necessary to build a loopback application for the 

Browse inside mumble_1.2.3-349-g315b5f5.orig.tar.gz

         [DIR]mumble-1.2.3-349-g315b5f5/ (26)

Download mumble_1.2.3-349-g315b5f5.orig.tar.gz

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