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Simple NUMA policy support. It consists of a numactl program to run
other programs with a specific NUMA policy and a libnuma shared library 
("NUMA API") to set NUMA policy in applications.

The libnuma binary interface is supposed to stay binary compatible. 
Incompatible changes will use new symbol version numbers.

In addition there are various test and utility programs, like
numastat to displa


Various simple test scripts to verify some parts of the NUMA API.

To do a full regression test run make test

You should have at least two nodes on a NUMA system for the test suite.

The tests in regress assume that there is enough memory free on nodes 0/1.
They consider PREFERRED/INTERLEAVE not hitting the first choice node an 

They also require a relatively idle machine to avoid too m


[Note: newer entries are at the bottom]

Early prehistory:

- Fix some warnings
- Add const to global variables and prototypes
- Document numa_warn
- Add numa_distance() support to read topology
- remove internal alias from numa_{warn,error} to allow overwriting
- Various bug fixes
- add -f option to memhog to map file
- more bugfixes
- replace forward backward with STREAM test in numademo


last update Aug 16 2007:

need to fix hugetlbfs to allow holey files (for numactl)
numademo numbers 

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