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Posted on pari-dev by Bill Daly : [edited to fit current filenames]

Here is a description of the steps necessary to compile PARI with the MSVC
compiler under WIN32.

1. Unzip the archive, preserving folder names so that the directory
structure is correct. I use WinZip to do this, and I put the files on my D:
drive, so that the files for pari-2.1.0 for example wil


This is PARI/GP, version 2.3.x (*).

PARI/GP Number Theory-oriented Computer Algebra System
        Copyright (C) 2000-2006 The PARI Group, Bordeaux.


To get started, run TeX on the file INSTALL.tex and have a look at the dvi
(extracted verbatim from Appendix A of the user manual). If you are in a
hurry, look at INSTALL.tx


We use the Subversion open-source revision control system. For us developers,
it provides network-transparent source control. For ordinary users it provides
a convenient way to obtain patched versions in between releases. Subversion
clients are available for all major platforms: Unix, MacOS, Windows, see

In particular, the svn command-line cli


PARI/GP is developped and tested in the Unix world, but has been partly
ported to DOS/Windows using 


This file describes the various ways you can run PARI/GP in a win32 environment
(Windows 95,98,2000,


On OS/2 the build goes the same way as on Unix, e.g.,

  sh Configure
  make gp
  make bench

With t


This directory contains:

color.dft: color ressources to use with color_xterm.
gpflog   : a script t


There is a different directory for each value of "$asmarch". If it contain
files MakeLVL[01].SH, the

Browse inside pari_2.3.5.orig.tar.gz

Download pari_2.3.5.orig.tar.gz

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