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These manpages are generated automatically - do NOT edit them! Edit the XML
in ../xml/ ONLY!

Pilot-link uses XML and a customised XSL to convert to their proper man(1)
format via docbook transformation using xsltproc.


pilot-link -- Palm Handheld Glue -

The code and other related files in this distribution are licensed under the
GNU General Public License or "GPL", and the GNU Lesser Public License, or
"LGPL". See for a copy of the LGPL.

We will only accept changes into pilot-link if they comply with the proper
licensing. There are many companie


Stephan B�sebeck & John Mitchell

We have coded this bindings for the PilotLink library, as the original version by David Goodenough did not run with jdk 1.4.
Some remarks about the source:
- We wanted to keep the C-part as small es possible. So porting to other platforms should be easier
- All communication with the lib is done via org.gnu.PilotLink, which uses RawRecords. These RawRecords can be


Feb 2003,    Stephan B�sebeck & John Mitchell

Ich hab diese Pilotlink unterst�tzung f�r Java geschr


This is a functional (yet always experimental) set of modules to interface
Perl to the pilot-link li


Python bindings for libpisock (the pilot-link core)


What you will find here is a series of "language bindings" which talk
to the core pilot-link librari


This is an experimental piece of code to bind the pilot-link library to Tcl.
You must have Tcl 8.0b

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