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Pyro - Python Remote Objects

This software is copyright � by Irmen de Jong.

This software is released under the MIT software license.
This license, including disclaimer, is available in the 'LICENSE' file.

Please give me credit if you use this software.

The manual, including installation instructions, is in the docs/ directory.
It's in HTML and the title section is called 'PyroManu


The purpose of this example is to show how to build a single application
that starts up everything it nees from Pyro itself (NS, ES, what not).

The application creates a Name Server, Event Server,
Pyro server with event publisher, and an event listener.

The main loop calls Pyro objects to set some artificial
properties. Those objects publish those events on a ES channel,
on which an event listen


This is a simple electronic banking example.

It looks a lot like the other banking example (BankExample) but
it has some important differences:

1. It uses the Pyro 1.2+ feature to directly access object attributes;
2. It uses the Pyro 1.2+ feature to create new objects on the server
   and to pass proxies to those objects back to the client.
   The creation of accounts is realised this way. Clie


This is a simple electronic banking example.

There are two banks:-

Rabobank and VSBBank (don't ask


Example of Name Server security plugins.
This shows possible implementations of a NS BC request vali


This directory contains some assorted unstructured test programs.
Just examine the source to get enl


This test shows a real (2-way!) mobile 'agent' system. 

That is, the server doesn't have the agent 


This test shows another mobile 'agent' system, where the
agent travels from server to server (three,

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