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What is PyStemmer?

  PyStemmer is a Python interface to the stemming algorithms from the Snowball
  project ( A stemming algorithm (or stemmer) is
  a process for removing the commoner morphological and inflexional endings
  from words in English. Its main use is as part of a term normalisation
  process that is usually done w


Tue Aug 09 16:23:11 BST 2011  Richard Boulton <>

	* *: Patch from Peter Bouda, with some small tweaks, to support
	  python 3.X.  Tested with python 3.2rc3
	* Incompatibility: in python 2.X, algorithms() now returns unicode
	  strings, instead of byte strings.
	* Update to use latest libstemmer.
	* Bump version number to 1.2.0

Thu Nov 05 23:44:19 GMT 2009  Richard Boulton <ri


License for PyStemmer

PyStemmer is copyright (c) 2006, Richard Boulton

It was inspired by an earlier implementation of PyStemmer (version 0.10, which
was copyright (c) 2001, Andreas Jung, and also licensed under the MIT license,
but no portions of which remain in this package, and had a different API).

Both Andreas Jung's implementation and this implementation are covered 

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