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FAQ Wizard

Author: Guido van Rossum <>
Version: 1.0
Date:  6 April 1998

This is a CGI program that maintains a user-editable FAQ.  It uses RCS
to keep track of changes to individual FAQ entries.  It is fully
configurable; everything you might want to change when using this
program to maintain some other FAQ than the Python FAQ is contained in
the configuration module,


This directory contains various demonstrations of what you can do with
Python.  They were all written by me except where explicitly stated
otherwise -- in general, demos contributed by others ends up in the
../Contrib directory, unless I think they're of utmost general
importance (like Matt Conway's Tk demos).

A fair number of utilities that are useful when while developing
Python code can be fou


CGI Examples

Here are some example CGI programs.  For a larger example, see
../../Tools/faqwiz/. -- A shell script to test your server is configured for CGI -- A Python script to test your server is configured for CGI -- A Python script showing how to parse a form -- A Python script for driving an arbitrary CGI application -- Sample CGI applic


Examples of classes that implement special operators (see reference manual):	Complex num


Subject: Re: What language would you use?
From: Tom Christiansen <>
Date: 6 Nov 


This is a collection of demos and tests for the curses module. 

ncurses demos



This directory show how to embed the Python interpreter in your own
application.  The file demo.c sh


This is the Python version of the MD5 test program from the MD5
Internet Draft (Rivest and Dusse, Th

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