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This is the Python/DOM bindings for Mozilla.

These bindings consist of an XPCOM component implementing
nsIScriptRuntime, nsIScriptContext and related interfaces.  See for
a general description of what this means.

The XPCOM component is implemented in C++ and can be found in
the 'src' directory.  This component delegates to a Python impl


This is the test (and also sample) code for Python in XUL.

* Configure and build Mozilla with --enable-extensions=python,... --enable-tests

  See for any issues regarding
  the building of PyXPCOM itself.  If PyXPCOM builds, this DOM extension 
  should too!

* Start it!

  - From XULRunner, execute:
    % dist/bin/xulrunner xpi-stage/pyxultest/applic


This directory is for Python implemented components that ship with pyxpcom

The .py files in this directory will end up on the XPCOM "components" 
directory, while .idl files etc will be compiled and installed as normal.

Of note:

* allows you to type open the URL "about:python" and have
  information about the local Python build displayed.

Most other files not listed are probably use


<!-- ***** BEGIN LICENSE BLOCK *****
   - Version: MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1
   - The contents o

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