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Quassel IRC - Release Notes

Please find the current release notes at <>.

On first run of the Quassel core, it will wait for a client to connect
and present a first-run wizard that will allow you to create the database
and one admin user for the core-side storage.  Note that Quassel does not
support the administration of user accounts yet, this in


Most of these modules have been copied from KDE's repository.

FindQt4 has been adjusted to find lconvert, plus we don't require X11
headers to be present.

Files starting with Quassel* are solely created by us.

Below is the contents of KDE's original README:

these are additional cmake modules required for compiling KDE3 or


The Quassel.kdevelop file is a copy of my project file for Quassel. You can use this
as a starting point for your KDevelop project after doing the following:

1) Copy the file into quassel's root directory
2) Search/Replace all occurrences of PROJECT_ROOT with the absolute path of that directory

Unfortunately, KDevelop does not allow relative paths...


The icons found in oxygen and oxygen_kde are a stripped version of the Oxygen
icon theme, part of KD


The Qt logo in qt-logo.png has been copied from Qt's source distribution
and is hence distributed un


In order to create or update a translatable file, run the following
command in the directory po/:



ChangeLog for Quassel IRC
This is not a full ChangeLog, but rather an end-


Manuel 'Sputnick' Nickschas	<>
Marcus 'EgS' Eggenberger	<>

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