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This is the README file for quinn diff version 0.65.

Quinn diff is a program for comparing a Sources file and a Packages
files to determine which programs need (re)compiled from source for
any given architecture.

Quinn diff knows about architecture specific packages (e.g. lilo) and
can easily exlcude them via a Packages-arch-specific file.  The output
is a list of source packages complete with a


`What on earth does "Quinn Diff" stand for?' is rapidly become a FAQ,
so here's the frequently given answer:

Ruari Quinn is (or at least was) an Irish politician of some sort; I
know little or nothing about him other than his name.  I was looking
for a name for the at that time unnamed quinn diff and heard his name
in a news report on the Radio.  Having nothing better to use at the
time, and bein


This is a list of user-visible changes in each released version, more
detailed changes history can be found in the ChangeLog.

Version 0.72 - 21th March, 2010

* Bail out on incorrectly formatted Packages-arch-specific files.
* Adjust the handling of arch `all' packages to allow them to be
  autobuilt properly.

Version 0.71 - 14th March, 2010

* Consider the Architectures line in the Sources fi


# Generated by Makefile. Do not edit.

commit eebb1f68c5a6d8d9b95be52274325320dfe9c89d
Author: Phili


1999-05-30  James Troup  <>

	* snarf_Packages: new scripts; supersedes snarf_Packag


2003-06-08  James Troup  <>

	* init.c (usage): don't use multi-line string literals


GAR! This code is HORRIBLE.  I *SUCK*.  parse_package() is an
abomination... all the sad stup


James Troup wrote quinn diff.

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