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   This represents a major revision of the rpart code, driven by the desire
to add user-written split routines.  

1. Bugfix -- the "maxdepth" option needed to be in front of "xval" in the
return list from rpart.control.  The xval option can be of length 1 or n,
and the C code was assuming length 1.  (If xval was a vector, its second value
was used for maxdepth).

2. Changes to the rpart object


2012 Jun 27	3.1-54	Add Polish tranlations.

2012 Jun 01	3.1-53	rpart, rpart.matrix: allow backticks in formulae.
	                tests/backtick.R: regession test

2012 Mar 04	3.1-52	src/xval.c: ensure unused code is not compiled in.

2012 Jan 11	3.1-51	Change description of 'margin' in ?plot.rpart
			as suggested by Bill Venables.

2011 Apr 09	3.1-50	Change licence to GPL-2 | GPL-3

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