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# bcrypt-ruby

An easy way to keep your users' passwords secure.


## Why you should use `bcrypt()`

If you store user passwords in the clear, then an attacker who steals a copy of your database has a giant list of emails
and passwords. Some of your users will only have one password -- for their email account,


1.0.0  Feb 27 2007
 - Initial release.
2.0.0  Mar 07 2007
 - Removed BCrypt::Password#exactly_equals -- use BCrypt::Password#eql? instead.
 - Added BCrypt::Password#is_password?.
 - Refactored out BCrypt::Internals into more useful BCrypt::Engine.
 - Added validation of secrets -- nil is not healthy.

2.0.1  Mar 09 2007
 - Fixed load path issues
 - Fixed crashes when hashing weird values (e.g., 


(The MIT License)

Copyright 2007-2011:

* Coda Hale <>

C implementation of the BCrypt algorithm by Solar Designer and placed in the
public domain.
jBCrypt is Copyright (c) 2006 Damien Miller <>.

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining
a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the
'Software'), to deal in the Softwa

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