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# posix-spawn

`fork(2)` calls slow down as the parent process uses more memory due to the need
to copy page tables. In many common uses of fork(), where it is followed by one
of the exec family of functions to spawn child processes (`Kernel#system`,
`IO::popen`, `Process::spawn`, etc.), it's possible to remove this overhead by using
the use of special process spawning interfaces (`posix_spawn()`,


[x] license (LGPL)
[x] fucking name this thing
[x] fastspawn-bm should take iterations and memsize arguments
[x] high level Grit::Process like class (string based) (tmm1)
[x] add FD => '/path/to/file' (all variations) (rtomayko)
[x] raise exception on unhandled options
[x] benchmarks in README (tmm1)
[x] POSIX::Spawn::spawn usage examples in README
[x] POSIX::Spawn#pspawn should be just #spawn


Copyright (c) 2011 by Ryan Tomayko <>
                  and Aman Gupta <>

Permission  is  hereby granted, free of charge, to any person ob-
taining a copy of  this  software  and  associated  documentation
files  (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restric-
tion, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modi-
fy, merge, publish, distribute, sub

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