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  Len Budney
  February 29, 2000

  1.  Introduction

  safecat is an implementation of D. J. Bernstein's maildir algorithm.
  It can be used to write mail messages to a qmail-style maildir, or to
  write data to a "spool" directory reliably. There are no lockfiles with
  safecat, and nothing is left to chance. If safecat returns a successful
  exit status, then you can be (practically)


20060409 Added Vadim Druzhin's RPM buildroot support. TNX also Charlie Brady.
20040816 Added support for Linux LARGEFILE flag to safecat.c.
20040816 Fixed typo in error message. TNX Daniel Biddle.
20040816 Changed errno test to include errno.h by default.
20030701 Release 1.11
20030701 Fixed overflow in tempfile creation. TNX Toby Betts, Guy Garnett
20030603 Release 1.10
20030603 Fixed errors in c


All original content is Copyright (c) 2000 and 2001, Len Budney. All rights

Copying permissions for safecat comes in two parts:

  1. All code written by me is offered under the BSD license. See below
     for the text of the BSD license. Original content is clearly marked
     with a copyright notice and my name.

  2. Other components of the package, like the programs ``setup'' and

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