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Package version:-


New features and upgrade information for version 2 are described in
the appendices of doc/text/slang.txt and doc/text/cslang.txt.  If you
upgrading from version 1, then you should read these appendices.

One final note: The license for the library has changed to the GNU
Public License.  The Perl Artistic License is no longer supported.


What's here?

Each C file in this directory are heavily commented examples that illustrate
only one or two S-Lang features.  Some C files are accompanied by a .sl file
that contains S-Lang code relevant to the example.

If you find these demos confusing, please let me know so I can work on
improving them.

Please note that these demos WILL NOT WORK under msdos unless the S-lang
library is compiled


The program this directory `slhelp' is capable of reading VMS style help
files.  The program `texconv' in ../doc is able to convert the TeX documents
there to produce VMS style help files.


The documentation here is provided in text format.  Documentation in
SGML, HTML, TeX, and postscript


This directory includes two programs:

  This program processes one or more specially format


This file contains various scripts to build slang on non-Unix systems.
See ../README.pc for an overv


This directory contains some examples of dynamically loaded modules
that may be loaded via the `impo


This directory contains the makefile used to build modules under the
various DOS/Windows C compilers

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