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This is a package of utilities. Each utility sends a Serial Attached
SCSI (SAS) Management Protocol (SMP) request to a SMP target.
If the request fails then the error is decoded. If the request succeeds
then the response is either decoded, printed out in hexadecimal or
output in binary. This package supports multiple interfaces since
SMP passthroughs are not mature. This package supports the linux


This directory contains scripts and associated files to show how
SAS-2 zoning might be set up and disabled using the utilities
in the main directory.

Scripts:           configure zoning       disable zoning   configure zoning with permissions as seen
                            in the SAS-2 Annex example (see below)

The zoning_ex


This interface uses a device node used by various MPT Fusion
drivers. It is called '/dev/mptctl' or '/dev/mpt2ctl' and it
is a char device (major: 10, minor: 220 or 221).
Currently a special module needs to loaded called 'mptctl'.
This can be loaded with 'modprobe mptctl'. If there are multiple
MPT Fusion HBAs on one computer then the following construction:
'/dev/mptctl,<n>' can be used for the <


See ChangeLog, README and INSTALL files.
There is also a html page at


Each utility has its own version number, date of last change and
some description at the top of its 


smp-utils (0.96-0.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * add zoning for SAS-2

 -- Douglas Gilbert <dgilbert@


Douglas Gilbert <dgilbert at interlog dot com>


This package was debianized by Douglas Gilbert <> on
Sat, 10 Jun 2006 19:00:00 

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