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This is a preview version of soundKonverter 1.0
Most features are implemented although some more plugins will come before the final release.
At this satge soundKonverter >should< be stable and harmless but that is not guaranteed. If you find a bug, please report it.

You can either leave a comment at
or write me a mail to


0.9.91 (1.0.0 beta2):
-Add: flac and metaflac plugins
-Add: faac, neroaac and aacgain plugins
-Add: timidity plugin
-Add: Enclosing %x space holders in the output directory with "[]" will only activate the space holder if the tag is not empty
-Add: Czech translation (by Pavel Fric)
-Change: use input file name as output file name if output mode is set to "metadata" and the file name can't be fille


### Prio 1 ###

test vfat compatible file names
processID/convertID/... eindeutig berechnen ... müsste so funktionieren

### Prio 2 ###

activate replaygain window when opened on application start
make converted files wait for applying album gain
read wav file length
ReplayGainScanner: Drag'n'Drop ... verbesserungswürdig, funktioniert aber grundsätzlich
ReplayGainScanner: split album through c

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