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This is a re-implementation of "compilercache" in C

The original compilercache scripts were by Erik Thiele
( and I would like to thank him for an excellent
piece of work. See for the
original shell scripts.

I wrote ccache because I wanted to get a bit more speed out of a
compiler cache and I wanted to remove some of the limitations of the


This directory contains a version of ccache. The initial version was based on ccache-2.4 plus 
debian patches 01-02, 04-14, see the debian/patches subdirectory. The ccache-win32-2.4 modifications
to ccache-2.4 have also been merged in.

Changes have been made to support cacheing the output from SWIG. The ability to cache c/c++ compiler 
output has been retained.

Additional features added are the 


Installing ccache

The recommended way to use this with Debian is to either create "cc"
and "gcc" symlinks to /usr/bin/ccache in your private bin directory
(which must be before the real cc and gcc in your path), or use
CC="ccache gcc" on the make command line.

Another option is to just prepend /usr/lib/ccache in your PATH
environment variable, like

  export PATH="/usr/lib/ccac


These packaging files are contributd by users of ccache. I do not
maintain them, and they may well n


This directory contains the HTML for the SWIG users manual.

All of this HTML is hand-written.  Howe


Doc/Manual    -  Latest version of the SWIG user manual
Doc/Devel     -  Developer documentation con


This example runs the entire gifplot.h header file through SWIG without
any changes.  The Scheme pro


This is a very minimalistic example in which just a few functions
and constants from library are wra

Browse inside swig1.3_1.3.40.orig.tar.gz

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         [DIR]swig-1.3.40/ (52)  30 mirrors

Download swig1.3_1.3.40.orig.tar.gz

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