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Please see the Documentation section in the upstream README for a list of
books on getting started with Tcl/Tk.  Also see the main Tcl/Tk web site
at for other documentation.


Packages which used to use the debian-specific hack TCL_INC_DIR from to find the tcl (or tk) headers should be modified to use
the new patented upstream TCL_INCLUDE_SPEC variable instead.

TCL_INCLUDE_SPEC is a little different than TCL_INC_DIR -- it includes
a "-I" in front of the path, so if you were using "-I$TCL_INC_DIR",
you should change it to just "$TCL_INCLUDE_SPEC".  If you w


tcl8.5 (8.5.11-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Install library(3tcl), packagens(3tcl), pkgMkIndex(3tcl) and safe(3tcl)
    manpages despite of upstream renaming them because they are referenced
    from the other pages.
  * Removed Chris Waters wrom the uploaders list (closes: #664112).
  * Renamed suggested dependency to tcl-tclreadline.
  * Switched to 3.0 (quilt) source package format.
  * Bumped


This package was originally debianized by David Engel <>
from sources obtained at h

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