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xbuffy for DEBIAN
This package was debianized by
Joel Rosdahl <>
and is currently maintained by
Bernhard R. Link <>
Xbuffy will now read a .xbuffyrc in your $HOME, if -boxfile
is not given.
Under Linux Xbuffy can notify you by blinking a keyboard LED when new mail 
has arrived. However, to access the Linux consol


This package comes with some patches shipped for your
reference in debian/patches. Unless your care to look at them or
unpack the source package manually not using dpkg-source,
just ignore that directory.


xbuffy ( unstable; urgency=low

    Xbuffy will no longer ask to make the /usr/lib/xbuffy/led
    binary suid-root, which is needed to blink the keyboard LEDs
    under Linux, but always install it without suid bit.

    You can use dpkg-statoverride to make it suid again to
    get blinking LEDs. /usr/share/doc/xbuffy/README.Debian gives
    more information how to do this.

 -- Bernh


xbuffy ( unstable; urgency=low

  * Import package into git, generate debian/patches


This package was debianized by Joel Rosdahl <>.
The upstream sources was downloaded f

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