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Copyright (C) 1999-2009 VMware, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

The code here may be used/distributed under the terms of the standard
XFree86 license.

Documentation on the VMware SVGA Device programming model
has been updated and expanded, and it now lives at:



commit cc77a36048863640fb1fa9f82b5b0dbf41326872
Author: Jakob Bornecrantz <>
Date:   Thu Mar 18 15:30:36 2010 +0100

    Bump for 11.0.1 release.

commit a5fb3698a033bfe7789641fd6719d8d4fb054201
Author: Jakob Bornecrantz <>
Date:   Tue Mar 9 08:37:11 2010 +0000

    Rework chainloader code to check for vmwgfx userspace driver as well

commit bf18be6f458a4612b2ebdd8d


This is a stub file.  This package has not yet had its complete licensing
information compiled.  Please see the individual source files for details on
your rights to use and modify this software.

Please submit updated COPYING files to the Xorg bugzilla:

All licensing questions regarding this software should be directed at the
Xorg mailing 

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         [DIR]xf86-video-vmware-11.0.1/ (36)  2 mirrors

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