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This is a release candidate of version 3.0 of the Project Athena Zephyr
notification system.

Zephyr allows users to send messages to other users or to groups of
users.  Users can view incoming Zephyr messages as windowgrams
(transient X windows) or as text on a terminal. Zephyr can optionally
make use of the Kerberos version 4 security library or the Hesiod
service name resolution library.

Bug r


libdyn.a -- Release 1.0

A C Dynamic Object is an array that takes care of resizing itself as
elements are added and deleted from it.  It can be of any type for
which sizeof is defined and for which an address of a variable of that
type can be passed to a function.

To build libdyn.a, simply type "make depend all" (if you don't have
the program makedepend, of course, leave out the "depend" part). 

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