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Puts a logfile pager on virtual consoles

console-log keeps logfile pagers open on virtual consoles. The default configuration puts exim's mainlog on tty8, and the syslog on tty9, in a less process. It can also make sure that this console is visible automatically after system boot so that a crashed system at least leaves the syslog readable on the console before reset. Using a pager makes searching, tagging and highlighting possible.

This package has its upstream sources maintained in the Debian project, so there is no upstream URL.

Package version:1.1-2


console-log for Debian GNU/Linux

This package allows you to have arbitrary files tailed on ttys.

This package was built during normal work hours at planNET Systems GmbH,
Karlsruhe, Germany ( They paid me to do it, so I'll
have to thank them.

Marc Haber <>,  Tue, 25 Apr 2000 17:06:00 +0200

I no longer work f


Q: The user name Debian-$PACKAGE is too long: it misalignes ls 
   output and is truncated by ps and atop. And it's ugly!
The user name Debian-$PACKAGE was chosen in late 2003 when we, the
maintainers of the Debian exim4 package found it necessary to create
an account for exim to run under during package installation. To avoid



CONSOLE-LOG.CONF(5)       Debian GNU/Linux       CONSOLE-LOG.CONF(5)

       console-log.conf - Main configuration file for console-log

       console-log keeps logfile pagers open on virtual consoles.
       /etc/console-log.conf is the configuration file controlling
       which log file is opened on which tty.

       Empty lines and lines starting with "#" are ignored.



console-log (1.1-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Stop postrm from failing in some obscure synthetic te


Copyright 2000 by Marc Haber <>

Development has been done as an empl

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