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Configure your system for different network environments

Netenv lets you choose your network environment (and other things) upon boot, which is useful for notebook computers. The difference to similar packages is that it doesn't try to autodetect your environment, but expects your input. You can, however, specify a default or pass it a parameter from the boot prompt to allow for unattended boot. You can also use it to switch between environments without rebooting.

It will work with PCMCIA or builtin network cards.

Package version:0.94.3-30


#ident README.netenv Time-stamp: <03/07/31 10:05:33 bav>

Version 0.94

Do you use your laptop in different network environments ? At home ?
In the office ? At a customers site ?

If yes, this small package might be useful for you. It is available
not only as tarball, but also prepackaged in different flavours.

All documentation is in the directory doc.

You'll find all the details in netenv-en.h


README.Debian for netenv_0.94.3-3, 2004-01-29

Installation of netenv cannot be fully automated, please refer to
the html documentation. 

The Debian version of netenv has some extensions: 

 *  Automatic selection of a default configuration
 *  Automatic restart of daemons
 *  Bypassing the "restart networking now" dialog

Documentation for Debian spe


Changes between netenv 0.94 - netenv 0.93

* keyword dhcp may be used for new environments
* Docs rewritten
* Permissions /etc/netenv are checked
* Variables BOOTPROTO and STARTMODE introduced for ifup
* help option
* Examples adopted to current distributions using ifup
* Example netenv_setup_debian_example for Debian non PCMCIA-users
* Calling netenv_setup with parameter PROFILE

Changes between 


NETENV(8)                                                  NETENV(8)

       netenv - Configu


netenv (0.94.3-30) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Arnaud Fontaine ]
  * Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.2.



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Download netenv_0.94.3-30_all.deb

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