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Very fast firewall configuration tool

Pyroman is a firewall tool written in Python for complex networks, but it can of course also handle simple single-host-single-link setups.

Interesting features: * Fast, due to use of iptables-restore for mass setting of rules * Rollback to previous firewall configuration on errors * Safety options to prevent mistakes in configuration (success confirmation prompt and/or scripted external verification) * Detailed error reporting * Lots of verification checks done before execution * Powerful yet clean configuration files (in Python and/or XML) * Designed for multiple hosts, firewalls, networks * Consistent firewalls for IPv4 and IPv6

Pyroman is inspired by Shorewall and FireHOL, but tries to improve upon them with respect to performance and ease of configuration.

Pyroman currently only configures iptables/netfilter firewalls, it does not include configuration utilities for setting up VPN or traffic shaping.

Package version:0.5.0~alpha1-3


Pyroman "base" configuration files

These are Pyroman example configuration files. Pyroman ships with multiple
sets of configuration examples. This is the "base" example, which contains
rules you are unlikely to do without - they setup the framework in which
Pyroman operates by defining some basic services and such.

Your distribution probably has the configuration examples installed in


pyroman for Debian
When you have configured pyroman, edit /etc/defaults/pyroman and set the
variable there to "y" to have it setup the firewall at boot time.
(For systemd, use "systemctl enable pyroman.service")

To test new firewall configurations, I recommend to make use of
$ pyroman safe

Which will rollback firewall changes if you fail to acknowledge them
within 30 seconds, 


This is an enhanced configuration example for Pyroman.
Note that you need the "base" example, too!

This example contains some example "real-world" host definitions.


PYROMAN(8)                                                PYROMAN(8)

       pyroman - a fire


pyroman (0.5.0~alpha1-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * Upload to unstable, to get more feedback on IPv6


It was downloaded from

Copyright (C) 2006-2008 Erich Schubert <er

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Download pyroman_0.5.0~alpha1-3_all.deb

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