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Headers from the SELinux reference policy for building modules

The SELinux Reference Policy (refpolicy) is a complete SELinux policy, as an alternative to the existing strict and targeted policies available from The goal is to have this policy as the system policy, be and used as the basis for creating other policies. Refpolicy is based on the current strict and targeted policies, but aims to accomplish many additional goals: + Strong Modularity + Clearly stated security Goals + Documentation + Development Tool Support + Forward Looking + Configurability + Flexible Base Policy + Application Policy Variations + Multi-Level Security

This package provides header files for building your own SELinux policy packages compatible with official policy packages.

Package version:2:0.2.20100524-7+squeeze1


It would be useful for most users to be familiar with policycoreutils
tools in order to manipulate policies installed on the
system. Specifically, it is useful to be familiar with:
 semodule(8)    - Manage SELinux policy modules.
 load_policy(8) - load a new policy into the kernel

 -- Manoj Srivastava <>, Tue,  9 May 2006 14:07:31 -0500


1) Reference Policy make targets:

General Make targets:

install-src		Install the policy sources into
			/etc/selinux/NAME/src/policy, where NAME is defined in
			the Makefile.  If not defined, the TYPE, as defined in
			the Makefile, is used.  The default NAME is refpolicy.
			A pre-existing source policy will be moved to

conf			Regenerate policy.xml, and up


POLICYGENTOOL(1)       Debian GNU/Linux manual      POLICYGENTOOL(1)

       policygentool - Interactive SELinux policy generation tool

       policygentool [options] <Module Name> <full path for applica‚Äź
       tion binary file>

       This tool generate three files for policy development, A Type
       Enforcement  (te)  file, a File Context (fc), and a Interface



refpolicy (2:0.2.20100524-7+squeeze1) stable; urgency=low

  * Like the 2:0.2.20100524-8 that was up


* Mon May 24 2010 Chris PeBenito <> - 2.20100524
- Merged a significant portion of


This is the Debian package for the SELinux Reference policy, and it is
built from sources obtained f

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