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A tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles

Automake is a tool for automatically generating `'s from files called `'.

The goal of Automake is to remove the burden of Makefile maintenance from the back of the individual GNU maintainer (and put it on the back of the Automake maintainer).

The `' is basically a series of `make' macro definitions (with rules being thrown in occasionally). The generated `'s are compliant with the GNU Makefile standards.

Automake 1.9 fails to work in a number of situations that Automake 1.4, 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8 did, so has been renamed so that the previous version can continue to be made available.

Package version:1.9.6+nogfdl-3.1+squeeze1


This is Automake, a Makefile generator.  It was inspired by the 4.4BSD
make and include files, but aims to be portable and to conform to the
GNU Coding Standards for Makefile variables and targets.

Automake is a Perl script.  The input files are called
The output files are called; they are intended for use
with Autoconf.  Automake requires certain things to be done in you


automake1.9 for Debian

Automake 1.9 introduces several changes. It is not strictly backwards
compatible with older versions of automake. It must be used in
conjunction with autoconf 2.58 or greater. Using it with a earlier
version will generate broken Makefiles. Also, it no longer invokes
libtoolize. This job has fallen upon the autoconf utility

 -- Eric Dorl


Bugs fixed in 1.9.6:

* Longstanding bugs:

  - Correctly diagnose `#' comments following trailing backslash.

  - Preserve backslashes preceding `##' lines.

  - Preserve the order of items conditionally appended (+=) to variables.

  - Fix support of installation directory names with spaces on systems
    where mkinstalldirs cannot use `mkdir -p'.

  - Avoid infinite loop in mdate-sh when TIME_S


ACLOCAL(1)                                                ACLOCAL(1)

       aclocal - automa


AUTOMAKE(1)                                              AUTOMAKE(1)

       automake  -  aut


automake1.9 (1.9.6+nogfdl-3.1+squeeze1) stable; urgency=low

  * lib/am/ Backport fix for


2005-07-10  Alexandre Duret-Lutz  <>

	*, NEWS: Bump version to 1.9.6.

	* l


We should arrange so that install-%DIR%%PRIMARY% is run conditionally
when %DIR%_%PRIMARY% is define

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