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Debian Pure Blends common files for developing metapackages

This package makes life easier when packaging metapackages. Perhaps this will also encourage other people to build metapackages if there are easy to use templates where only the packages, the metapackage is depending from, to insert into the right place.
Package version:0.6.15


This is a metapackage which is used by Debian Pure Blends

This package is a metapackage; it depends on several other packages to make
them be installed when it is installed. If you want to remove one of those
packages, you have to remove this package as well. The other packages won't be

There exists an comprehensive documentation


This is an example directory layout for building metapackages for a
Debian Pure Blend with the name Debian-_BLEND_.  So search for the
string _BLEND_ and replacing it with a real name would provide a basic
skeleton to work with.


If this directory exists a _BLEND_-common package is created.
See for instance Debian Med packages.


You always need this directory to build metapackages.
Just change control.stub and replace the varia


If some extra files like scripts of manpages are needed in the
metapackages they should be placed in


If this directory exists, menu entries for the single metapackages can
be provided here.  The files 


Here you can place overrides for the package maintainer menu entries
in normal menu syntax as files 


This directory is mandatory.  Each file had to follow a certain syntax
to build a valid control file

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