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Tools for developing, maintaining and distributing software.

The dist package is a set of tools meant to ease the construction and maintenance of portable software.

The first component is the Configure script generator, metaconfig, which automatically builds the Configure script from your sources. Ideally, the end-user receiving your source code will simply have to read your README file, run the Configure script (which is self-documented), and then run make.

The second component is the Makefile.SH generator, which is a generic configured Makefile, reusing some of the information figured out by Configure, and a generic Jmakefile description.

The third component is the RCS aware package generator, which is used when it's time to build up the shell archives used to distribute your program.

The fourth and latest component is the patch generator, used to make updates of your sources, which can later be applied on the original distribution by using the patch program.

Package version:1:3.5-30-3.2


This is Debian GNU/Linux's prepackaged version of Raphael Manfredi's
dist program.

This version of dist was put together by Manoj Srivastava
<>, from the sources distributed directly by
the author, Raphael Manfredi <>.

The changes in this package are essentially the addition of support for 
the Debian package maintenance scheme, by adding various de


                             dist 4.0
                       **  Alpha version **

                   Copyright (c) 1988, Larry Wall
                Copyright (c) 1990-1992, Harlan Stenn
              Copyright (c) 1991-1997, Raphael Manfredi
              Copyright (c) 2004-2006, Raphael Manfredi

    This program is free so


This is the root directory for jmake.

The jmake program is a Makefile generator. It comes from 'imake' one
may find in the X11R4 distribution, but it produces a Makefile.SH
instead of a Makefile. Jmake has a template which knows some metaconfig
symbols and has built-in commands which make it more powerful than imake.

The jmkmf script may be used to produce the Makefile.SH from a Jmakefile.


This directory contains a rudimentary kit maker.

N.B.: This must not be confused with the kit packa


This is the root directory for metaconfig.

If you are new to metaconfig, you may wish to have a loo


This is the root directory for pat tools.

This directory contains an automatic patch generator.  Yo


?RCS: $Id: newslevel.U 1 2006-08-24 12:32:52Z rmanfredi $
?RCS: Copyright (c) 1991-1997, 2004-


?RCS: $Id: newslib.U 1 2006-08-24 12:32:52Z rmanfredi $
?RCS: Copyright (c) 1991-1997, 2004-20

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