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A distributed version (revision) control system

Monotone is a free, distributed version control system. It provides fully disconnected operation, manages complete tree versions, keeps its state in a local transactional database, supports overlapping branches and extensible metadata, uses an efficient peer-to-peer network protocol, performs history-sensitive merging, and delegates trust functions to client-side RSA certificates.

This package contains scripts to facilitate running a monotone server.

Package version:0.31-6


If you've downloaded a release, see INSTALL for installation
instructions.  If you've checked this out, the generated files are not
included, and you must use "autoreconf --install" to create them.

"make html" for docs, or read the .info file and / or man page.


monotone for Debian

In order to use the monotone-server package, the server should first be
configured in the /etc/monotone/write-permissions,
/etc/monotone/read-permissions, and /etc/default/monotone files.  The server
will not start until this is done.

The read-permissions and write-permissions files are in the standard format as
specified in the monotone manual.  The /etc/


Sat Nov 11 11:06:44 PST 2006

        0.31 release.  Code cleanups and bug fixes.

        New features:

        - If multiple --message (or -m) arguments are passed to
          'commit', then they will be concatenated on separate lines.

        - The validate_commit_message hook is now told what branch the
          commit is on.

        Bugs fixed:

        - The typo that prevented building


monotone (0.31-6) unstable; urgency=low

  * Add Czech debconf translation. Closes: #408697.

 -- Sh


2006-11-11  Nathaniel Smith  <>

	* NEWS: Set release date.

2006-11-10  Nathaniel Smit


main files:

Graydon Hoare <> originally wrote most of the files


This package was debianized by Tomas Fasth <> on
2005-04-12 and adopted by Shaun Jac

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