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automatic configure script builder documentation

GNU Autoconf is a package for creating scripts to configure source code packages using templates and an M4 macro package. This package contains the manual for GNU Autoconf. It documents the current version; if you are using Autoconf 2.13 instead, install the autoconf2.13 package.
Package version:2.69-1


autoconf (2.69-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
  * The Autoconf documentation is again licensed in a DFSG-compliant
    manner, so it is now again included for the first time since 2004.
    Many thanks to Russ Allbery <> and Henrique de Moraes
    Holschuh <> for maintaining the documentation in
    non-free for that time.
    The following 


2012-04-24  Eric Blake  <>

	Release Version 2.69.
	* NEWS: Mention the release.

2012-04-24  Eric Blake  <>

	maint: drop bz2 tarball
	At 2.68b, I asked whether anyone would miss .gz and .bz2 formats.
	Consensus was overwhelming that .gz still holds a place in people's
	hearts, in spite of .xz compressing to smaller files, but no one
	was able to make a convincin


Authors of GNU Autoconf.

Autoconf was originally written by David MacKenzie, with help from
Fran├žois Pinard, Karl Berry, Richard Pixley, Ian Lance Taylor, Roland
McGrath, Noah Friedman, david d zuhn, and many others.

Ben Elliston next took over the maintenance, facing a huge Autoconf
backlog that had been piling up since the departure of David.  Other
maintainers have included Akim Demaille, Ji


GNU Autoconf THANKS file

GNU Autoconf was originally written by David J. MacKenzie.  It would
not b



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