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guidelines and information for Debian developers

This package contains the Debian Developer's Reference, a set of guidelines and best practices which has been established by and for the community of Debian developers. If you are not a Debian developer, you probably do not need this package. Table of Contents:

1. Scope of This Document 2. Applying to Become a Maintainer 3. Debian Developer's Duties 4. Resources for Debian Developers 5. Managing Packages 6. Best Packaging Practices 7. Beyond Packaging 8. Internationalization and Translations

This package contains the English version of the Developer's Reference. The French and Japanese translations are available in developers-reference-fr and developers-reference-ja.

Package version:3.4.4


* Useful Makefile targets

The following 'make' targets exist for your convenience:

  make validate
        validate the well-formedness of all XML materials

  make or make all (optional: VERSION=x.y.z PUBDATE=2007-07-01)
        build all languages in all formats

  make index.html
        build the English manual in HTML format

  make fr/developers-reference.pdf
        build the French manua


developers-reference (3.4.4) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Lucas Nussbaum ]
  * Document the new derivatives-bugs PTS keyword.
  * Removed reference. Closes: 561597

  [ Raphaƫl Hertzog ]
  * Update description of the PTS "summary" keyword. Thanks to
    Simon McVittie <> for the patch. Closes: #469154
  * Add accent on my first name in debian/control.
  * Use "3.0 (na


NMU -- sec "Source NMUs and the Bug Tracking System" should talk about
changelog entries -- dinstall works that out depending on whether the
maintainer in the control and changelog match.

db/LDAP thing email gate @

critique from herzog:

<aph> Robot101: do you have a URL descri


This is the Debian package of the Debian Developer's Reference.  It
was assembled by Christian Schw

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