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diet libc documentation - a libc optimized for small size

The diet libc is a C library that is optimized for small size. It can be used to create small statically linked binaries for Linux on alpha, arm, ia64, mips, mipsel, ppc, parisc, s390, sparc and x86.

This package contains the documentation for the diet libc.

Package version:0.33~cvs20120325-4


  The system library is a challenge to all those using the computer to
  write their own faster and better routines or to bow to the superior
  strength and skill of a true master.

diet libc to statically link programs that don't need all the bloat
from glibc.

malloc, printf and scanf contributed from Olaf Dreesen.

To compile:

	$ make


dietlibc for Debian

See /usr/share/doc/dietlibc-doc/README on how to use the diet libc to
compile programs.

Static libraries are installed in /usr/lib/diet/lib/.
Include files are installed in /usr/include/diet/,
and additionally available through /usr/lib/diet/include/.  The diet gcc
wrapper is installed in /usr/bin/, and additionally available through



The diet libc is not especially focused on providing a secure
environment, but where it is possible to do something, we try to do it.

  1. WANT_STACKGAP in dietfeatures.h
     This will randomize the stack layout slightly.  The real memory
     cost is about one page of real memory.  The code size increase is
     about 100 bytes, 86 for i386.  The benefit is that buffer overflow
     exploits ar


diet libc FAQ.

Q: How do I compile this?  I don't see a configure?
A: Just type make.

Q: How do 


dietlibc (0.33~cvs20120325-4) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Peter Michael Green ]
  * Tweak arm assembl


  first stab at getting TLS to work in actual threads
  use fs: to find current thread on x86_


 - "locale"
 - real regerror
 - improve code size and quality with __restrict__.
 - FPU exception ha


The malloc code was done by Olaf Dreesen, who also helped with the SPARC
start code and fork().  Ola

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