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GNU Regression, Econometric & Time-Series Library -- doc package

The GNU Regression, Econometric and Time-Series Library (gretl) is a software package for econometric analysis. The package comprises a shared library, a command-line client program, and a graphical client built using GTK+.

This package provides documentation and examples included in the gretl sources.

Package version:1.9.9-1


Gretl (GNU regression, econometrics and time-series library) comprises
libgretl, a shared library which provides various functions relating to
econometric estimation, a command-line client program and a gui client,
using GTK+.

Gretl is free software under the GNU General Public License, a copy
of which is provided in the source package ("COPYING"), and comes
with abolutely no warranty.



What's with audio and gretl?


This note describes what is going on with audio in gretl, and also
what you need in terms of additional software to make use of this

What and Why?

I teach a course in Economic Data Analysis, using gretl, and in the
Fall of 2004 I will have a blind student in my class.  So as of summer


By default the gretl build uses gtk2, even if gtk3 is available
on the build system. You can switch to gtk3 by using the flag 
--enable-gtk3 with ./configure.

Builds of gretl using gtk3 have been tested on fedora 16 and 17,
and they seem to work fine. At this point, however, it's fair to say
that gretl with gtk2 has been more thoroughly tested.

Note that with gtk >= 3.4.0 you will see a lot of d


This file aims to ease finding the required packages as mentioned 
in the gretl dependencies file (h


If you want to build gretl for win32, you have two main options:

* Go into the win32 subdirectory a


Documentation for gretl.  There's no need to do a "make" in here,
since the gretl source package com


These LaTex files are far from being translated.

The reason that this structure was created is to p


Some examples of use of libgretl via third-party code. You should 
install the gretl library and hea

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