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developer documentation for user-space ALSA application programming

This package contains documentation for the ALSA library.

ALSA is the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture.

Package version:1.0.23-2.1


alsa-lib (1.0.23-2.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Non-maintainer upload.
  * Add refcount-dlobjs.patch: backported upstream patch, originally by
    Jaroslav Kysela, to fix crashes when plugins are unloaded.
    (Closes: #589896, LP: #552411, #584393)
  * Add libtool-out-of-tree.patch: fix libtool version checking for the biarch
    build by grepping in the ${srcdir}, making it unnecessar


Changelog between 1.0.22 and 1.0.23 releases
(Reformated as ASCII text)

* alsa-lib
  +  Core
          Release v1.0.23
          add atomic operations for Blackfin parts
  +  Control API
          modem.conf Off-hook improve behavior
  +  PCM API
          pcm_share plugin: fix pcm->mo


This package was debianized by Wichert Akkerman 7 Jun 1998.
Masato Taruishi took over on 17 Oct 1999.
Since September 2002 it has been maintained by the participants in
the pkg-alsa project at

Bugs in the source code (as opposed to bugs in the packaging) are best
reported to the upstream bug tracking system:

The source code was dow

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