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Ada binding for the GTK+ GUI (documentation)

GtkAda is a library that allows programmers to write GTK+ applications in the Ada programming language.

This package contains the User's Guide and Reference Manual for GtkAda, in HTML, Info, PDF and ASCII formats.

Package version:2.24.1-7


This is the GtkAda Examples Directory. Our goal is to provide the
GtkAda user with some pieces of code that are easy to understand, easy
to modify and to play with.

If you are interested in sharing your own programs with the GtkAda community,
please tune them with the latest GtkAda version and send them with appropriate
documentation (and bug reports) to the authors.

Note that you need to first 


This directory contains an exemple how to create a widget directly
in Ada.

This should be reserved to users that already know how GtkAda and gtk+
work. We have tried to provide some high level interfaces (this is
much easier to do than in C, even if you still can't do
everything...), but you will have to know and to handle a lot of signals.

The widget we create here is a simple "target" widget, 


This directory demonstrates how you can write a composite widget
directly in Ada.

- What is a composite widget ?

This is a widget which is composed of multiple subwidgets, but does
not define need to draw anything new by itself, nor create new signals, ...

Examples of this are Dialogs (as in this example, these are basically
just a window + some boxes inside), File_Selection (Although there mig


This demos shows how you can set your own cursors in your windows

How to build the demos:
  >  gnat


This directory contains some small examples that are automatically inserted
in the documentation.


This demo shows how you can use GtkAda to create flicker-free
animations, thanks to double-buffering


This directory contains an example that shows how you can dynamically modify
the labels contained in


This directory contains small examples adapted from the ones
distributed with gtk+.
These are genera

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