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Java general purpose resource loading framework -- documentation

LibLoader is a general purpose resource loading framework. It has been designed to allow to load resources from any physical location and to allow the processing of that content data in a generic way, totally transparent to the user of that library.

This package contains the Javadoc.

Package version:1.1.6.dfsg-4


libloader (1.1.6.dfsg-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Team upload.
  * d/rules: Use version-less ehcache-core jar file. (Closes: #661970).

 -- Miguel Landaeta <>  Fri, 02 Mar 2012 20:47:22 -0430

libloader (1.1.6.dfsg-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * add build-depends on ant-optional (closes: #648916) 

 -- Rene Engelhard <>  Thu, 24 Nov 2011 21:16:21 +0000

libloader (1


1.  WHAT's NEW

A list of changes in recent versions:

0.4.0: (30-May-2008)
        * Code-Hardening: Added more checks for NullPointers.
        * SVG rendering errors no longer corrupt the Graphics2D context.
        * DrawableWrapper now holds a cache of all class-names that have 
          been checked so that we can avoid reflection for many


This package was debianized by Rene Engelhard <>  
Tue, 21 Aug 2007 00:15:54 +0200

It was downloaded from <>

Upstream Authors: Thomas Morgner, David Gilbert and others


    (C) Copyright 2006, by Pentaho Corporation and Contributors.

    This package is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
    modify it under the te

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