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Java network application framework - documentation

Apache MINA is a network application framework which helps users develop high performance and high scalability network applications easily. It provides an abstract - event-driven - asynchronous API over various transports such as TCP/IP and UDP/IP via Java NIO.

Some of the features of Apache Mina are: - Unified API for various transport types: TCP/UDP/RS232/In-VM - Filter interface as an extension point; similar to Servlet filters - Low-level and high-level API - Highly customizable thread model - Out-of-the-box SSL / TLS and StartTLS support using Java 5 SSLEngine - Overload shielding & traffic throttling - Unit testability using mock objects - JMX managability - Stream-based I/O support via StreamIoHandler

This package contains Javadoc API for Apache Mina 2.x release.

Package version:2.0.0+dfsg-0squeeze1


mina2 (2.0.0+dfsg-0squeeze1) testing-proposed-updates; urgency=low

  * New upstream final release:
    - d/rules: No more mina-parent pom.
    - d/watch: Only track stable releases now.
  * Update Standards-Version 3.9.1: no changes needed.
  * d/copyright: Updated and migrated to DEP-5 format.
  * d/control: Fix Vcs-* to use mina2 repository.
  * d/control: Drop depends on JRE runtime (aka new J


Name: Apache Mina
Maintainer: Apache Software Foundation,

Files: *
Copyright: Copyright (C) 2007-2010 The Apache Software Foundation
Copyright: Copyright (c) 2003 Eric Glass (
License: Apache-2.0

Files: debian/*
Copyright: Copyright (C) 2008, Damien Raude-Mor

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