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MySQL C++ library bindings (documentation and examples)

MySQL++ is a complex C++ API for MySQL (and other SQL databases soon). The goal of this API is to make working with Queries as easy as working with other STL Containers.

This package provides documentation and examples. Please read the instructions in README.Debian in order to build the examples.

Package version:3.1.0-2


Building the Examples
    If you're installing MySQL++ from the source tarball, the example
    programs get built when you build the library.  If you change
    any example code, just say 'make' to rebuild the examples.
    The examples are built against the headers and library in the
    lib subdirectory, not against the ones you may have installed
    elsewhere on the syst


Please note that the examples included in this package cannot be built as
they are shipped.  The examples are designed by upstream to be built as part
of the complete build.  In order to build the examples, please use this
sequence of commands ('$' represents the command prompt):

$ cd /tmp
$ apt-get source mysql++
$ sudo apt-get build-dep mysql++
$ cd mysql++-<version>
$ fakeroot debian/rules bui


mysql++ (3.1.0-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Document how to fully build the examples
  * Allow build to succeed with multiarch libmysqlclient-dev, thanks to
    Clint Byrum for the patch (Closes: #650054)
  * Fix wrong order of linker flags, thanks to Jean-Louis Dupond for the
    patch (Closes: #633686)
  * Build against thread-aware MySQL by passing --enable-thread-check
    option to ./configu


3.1.0, 2010.06.03 (r2670)

    o Default MySQL version now 5.1, having entered GA since 3.0.9.



<html><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"><title>11.´┐ŻLicen


This package was debianized by Stephan A Suerken <>.

It was previously maintained 

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