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NIfTI library API documentation

Niftilib is a set of i/o libraries for reading and writing files in the NIfTI-1 data format. NIfTI-1 is a binary file format for storing medical image data, e.g. magnetic resonance image (MRI) and functional MRI (fMRI) brain images.

This package provides the library API reference documentation.

Package version:0.4-1


nifticlib (0.4-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release. This release mostly changes the copyright statements
    of fsliolib source code files to explicitely mention that they were
    previously part of FSL, but are now placed into the public domain.
  * Debian patches merged with upstream.

 -- Michael Hanke <>  Wed,  6 Sep 2006 21:47:35 +0200

nifticlib (0.3-2)


Updates to the niftilb C package

Updates in version 0.3 April 12, 2006

    - added const in appropriate function parameter locations
    - shortened all string constants below 509 character limit
    - added nifti_is_complete_filename()
    - made minor memory fixes
    - fixed error in QSTR() definition
    - use nifti_set_filenames() in nifti_convert_nhdr2nim()
    - added new tests in Testi


This package was debianized by Michael Hanke <> on
Tue,  6 Dec 2005 14:59:00 +0100.

It was downloaded from

nifticlib was written by the NIfTI Data Format Working Group (DFWG, The NIFTI DFWG disclaims all 
copyright in nifticlib and places it in the public domain.

The ANALYZE 7.5 file header (fsliolib/dbh.h) is 

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