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OCaml application-level Internet libraries - documentation and examples

Ocamlnet is a collection of OCaml libraries focusing focus on application-level Internet protocols and conventions.

Ocamlnet consists of the following libraries: * netstring: processing of strings that occur in network context * netcgi1 and netcgi2: portable web applications * nethttpd: is a web server component (HTTP server implementation) * netplex: generic server framework * rpc: OncRPC implementation * netclient: clients for HTTP, FTP, and Telnet * equeue: event queue used for many protocol implementations * shell: external commands invocation * netshm: shared memory for IPC purposes * netsys: bindings for system functions * smtp and pop: two further client implementations

A number of ideas and concepts are used throughout the libraries: * netchannels are a way to abstract sequential I/O channels * event queues provided by equeue and unixqueue make asynchronous protocol interpreters possible

This package contains the Ocamlnet reference manual in HTML format and several examples about how to use the various libraries.

Package version:2.2.9-8


# Add to httpd.conf: (adjust paths to your system)

LoadModule jserv_module       /usr/lib/apache/
AddModule mod_jserv.c

<IfModule mod_jserv.c>

# The mode jservd is started. "off" means that the web server starts jservd,
# "on" means that the web server finds an already started jservd.
ApJServManual off

# The path to
ApJServProperties /etc/httpd/


***                    Experimental JSERV support                  ***

The jserv protocol is very similar to CGI, but it does not start a new
process for every HTTP request. The request is encoded and forwarded
to a server process that handles it. The serve


# This is an example for the file

# wrapper.bin must be the name of the jserv daemon. (In the original
# design, it is the path to the JVM executable.)

# bindaddress and port determine on which network interface and which
# port the jserv daemon listens. It must be possible that the web server
# reaches this port.


This example shows how to use netcgi2 together with netplex. The
resulting server is a stand-alone a


This example demonstrates how to use Unixqueues together with
lablgtk applications.

To get the exam


This example demonstrates how to use Unixqueues together with
labltk applications.

To get the examp


These example demonstrate how to use Nethttpd on several coding levels.
The most advanced (and recom


The "finder" example for:

 - RPC client
 - RPC server
 - Netplex + RPC

The "finder" is a simple da

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