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documentation for the libswe package

This package includes all documentation for the libswe package including pdfs, html and text files. swisseph.(pdf|html) General Documentation for the Swiss Ephemeris. swephprg.(pdf|html) Programming interface to the Swiss Ephemeris.
Package version:


This is the README file for Swiss Ephemeris library made with
autotools on GNU/LINUX or other autotools friendly environments.
As of today, no changes have been made to the original Swiss Ephemeris
source code.

Format of source version. The current source version is In this number is the source version of the 
Astrodienst files. That is this version of the Swiss Ephemeris library fo


libswe for Debian

libswe source has been patched for use with debian and rpm based
distros. The Default value of SE_EPHE_PATH has been changed
from ".:/users/ephe2/:/users/ephe/" to
The root directory /users does not exist on most packaged Linux
distros. This will put the Swiss Ephemeris's data in directories
that can be insta


April 2011 Paul Elliott ports Swiss Ephemeris to Linux adding
auto*tools infrastructure.

July 2011 Paul Elliott uses vpath to seperate source from astrodienst 
into a seperate directories from the directories containing the 
auto*tools control files.

August 2011 Astrodienst has asked me to remove the public 
interface to pcalc, i.e. swepcalc.h.


libswe ( unstable; urgency=low

  * remove separate Build-Depends-Indep: line for uno



As soon as this bug is fixed:
create a debia


Dieter Koch and Alois Treindl of Astrodienst AG, Switzerland are the autors
of Swiss Ephemeris.


All the files comming from the original Swiss Ephemeris distribution
swe_unix_src_X.XX.XX.tar.gz are

Browse inside libswe-doc_1.77.00.0005-2_all.deb

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Download libswe-doc_1.77.00.0005-2_all.deb

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