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Debian Med documentation packages

This package will install papers written about and talks hold about the Debian Med project as well as Debian packages with documentation according to free software which might be relevant for medical care.
Package version:0.6


med-doc is part of the Debian-Med project

This package is a metapackage; it depends on several other packages to make
them be installed when it is installed. If you want to remove one of those
packages, you have to remove this package as well. The other packages won't be

Andreas Tille <>  Wed,  6 Feb 2002 20:56:59 +0100


med-doc (0.6) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Andreas Tille ]
  * debian/control:
    - Standards-Version: 3.8.0
    - Suggests cdd-doc, don't suggest mgp any more
    - Build-Depends / Suggests: texlive-latex-recommended instead of texlive-bin
    - Depends -> Recommends
    - Vcs fields
    - Group maintenance by Debian packaging team
    - DM-Upload-Allowed: yes
    - Added myself as Uploaders


This package is Copyright 2002 by Andreas Tille <>

This software is licensed under the GPL.

The failure.htm document contained in this package was obtained from:
There is no explicite license of this document and it is now unavailable.
So it is just conserved here.

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