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pygtkmvc documentation, tutorial and examples

This MVC for pygtk2 helps with writing well structured code by splitting the program's code into three distinctive sections. A program written using this MVC pattern usually contains four parts: The view (providing access to the Glade widget tree), the controller (providing glue functions), the model (providing the abstract logic) and the main program (simply connecting the three parts mentioned before).

This package provides documentation, tutorial and examples.

Package version:1.99.1-1


This directory contains several examples of usage of gtkmvc. 

* basic 
  A very basic example, start from here to learn basic usage of
  the framework. Not all the features are presented.

* basic_manual
  Similar to basic, but no glade file is used. widgets are created

* observable 
  All kinds of supported observable properties are presented. 

* thread 
  A simple multi-threadin


A minimal example of application. 

The model contains a counter and a reset value.

The view shows both, and provides the possibility of changing the
reset value, increment the counter value, and reset the counter to the
reset value.

The view is loaded from a glade file, and the low coupling among the
different values is guaranteed by the observable pattern.

To execute:
$> python


A minimal example of application, like basic but with a view 
build 'by hand' (not loaded from a glade file). 

model is exactly the same as in basic, the controller is similar, but
it handles gtk signal connections during view's registration.

The view is the most important part in this example, as it builds the
widgets completely by hand. Of course mxed solution are possible,
where the view is p


A simple currency converter.

This is the most complex example presented here among the available


Some examples demonstrating new features provided by version 1.0.0 about
observable properties:



In this example, a thread is run in the model as the button is
pressed. The thread changes the model


This directory contains the examples presented in the tutorial.

To run the glade-based example:


pygtkmvc (1.99.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release
  * debian/control:
    + Update

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