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Qt3 API documentation

This package contains the complete API documentation for Qt3. Examples to coding are in qt3-examples. The documentation is provided in HTML and manpage format; the HTML version can be viewed in conjunction with the Qt Assistant.
Package version:3:3.3.8b-7


This software was developed with the Open Source Edition of Qt, the
cross-platform C++ graphical user interface toolkit. 

Qt is a product of Trolltech (see  Qt is
released in two different editions:

- The Qt Open Source Edition, which may be used free of charge for
  developing free (non-proprietary) software on X11, embedded Linux,
  and Mac OS X. This version is avai


Qt for Debian README

1. Preface

This README is intended to give developers and users exact information
about how the qt-x11-free package provided by TrollTech AS has been packaged
for Debian in case you either want to faciliate it for development 
of applications and libraries or plugins using the Qt class library. With 
qt-x11-3.1.1, the Debian packages have been massively 


                       Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: the latest version of this and other FAQ lists are available at:

What is Trolltech?

Trolltech is an international software company with headquarters in Oslo,
the capital of Norway, and with offices in Brisbane, Australia, and Santa
Clara, California. Our flagship product is Qt, t


<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
<!-- /home/espenr/tmp/qt-3.3.8-espenr


.so man3/qaccel.3qt


.so man3/qaccessible.3qt


.so man3/qaccessibleinterface.3qt


.so man3/qaccessibleobject.3qt

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